Cloud Compliance is a Team Sport

On-demand Webinar

Too often, organizations make the move to the cloud without considerations for how it will be in compliance. Whether you need to maintain compliance for regulatory or business obligations, it is best to go into the cloud with those requirements in mind.

In this webinar, our experts discussed some of the common misconceptions and mistakes that are made in working toward cloud compliance, and provided practical advice about how to get your cloud compliance program in the best shape possible. 

  • Where to start, whether you’re starting from scratch or modifying your existing program
  • Who to involve and when
  • How to manage reporting, audits, and communication

Given the maturity of the cloud platforms, it isn’t hard to be compliant in the cloud — you just need to prepare appropriately, and share the work across the organization to ensure you maintain compliance.

Aaron Wilson - Managing Partner & Founder at ScaleSec
John Robel - Solutions Engineering Manager at