The Future of Continuous Compliance
is Automation

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The demand for security professionals who can analyze cloud risk and security has never been greater. Automation is essential for Modern IT organizations that wish to operate in the cloud with informed risk and operational consistency with compliance continuously validated.

Learn about the new Cloud Security platforms, automation, and self-service tools​ that are available to​​ help you overcome challenges and bottlenecks​ to ​delivering Continuous Compliance.

In this recorded webinar, guest speaker Forrester analyst,​ Robert Stroud​,​ and Solutions Architect, Sebastian Taphanel​,​ will help you understand the key trends, challenges, and emerging solutions that portend the future of Continuous Compliance and Security in the Cloud including:

  • Key challenges in compliance and automation with Cloud Security tools
  • Cloud Security and Compliance skills that will be required in the future
  • The trend toward and need for Compliance Automation tools for DevOps
  • Risk changes over time and how to adjust your posture

Robert Stroud, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research serving Infrastructure and Operations professionals.
Sebastian Taphanel, Solutions Architect at at serving Federal Accounts.


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