How to Achieve NIST Compliance in the Cloud

On-demand Webinar | April 2017 

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As more agencies in the public sector and their partners move to the cloud, NIST 800-53 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is gaining traction as the gold standard for security controls for federal information systems.

Join DLT, a leading provider of IT solutions to the public sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in this webinar, where these experts exchanged perspectives on what NIST 800-53 compliance means for government agencies and private organizations alike.
  • How compliance in the cloud is different for the public sector
  • Who needs to think about NIST 800-53 Compliance?
  • What are the challenges of achieving NIST security controls on AWS?
  • How to automate and achieve continuous compliance vs emergency compliance

David Rubal - Cloud and Cybersecurity Technologist at DLT
Tim Sandage - Senior Security Partner Strategist at Amazon Web Services
Sebastian Taphanel - Federal Solutions Architect at


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