Time for CISOs to Empower DevOps

On-demand Webinar | March 2017 

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As DevOps is adopted at more organizations, it is becoming recognized as a means to enhance security efforts. Security tests should always be an integral part of the DevOps workflow, however it isn’t the reality for many organizations. 

There is a growing need for new cloud security tools built to enforce security and compliance measures at the speed of scale, while allowing applications to be developed faster and more securely. As new cloud security platforms and automation tools fill the gaps to overcome key security challenges, organizations turn to DevOps to enable continuous compliance.

Guest speakers, Vibrant Credit Union and 451 Research Group discussed the drivers for Continuous Compliance and Security in the Cloud, including:

  • Trends in cloud adoption and development
  • Rising demand and costs of cybersecurity
  • Continuous compliance vs. emergency compliance
  • Compliance automation tools for DevOps

Steve McAtee, CIO at Vibrant Credit Union
Adrian Sanabria, Senior Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research Group


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